Skagit Conservation Education Alliance (SCEA)

SCEA is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit, community based organization working for the benefit of the greater Skagit ecosystem to protect water quality and watershed functions. The marine environment in Skagit County is home to important shellfish beds, fish habitat, hundreds of thousands of overwintering water fowl, productive eelgrass beds and marine animals. SCEA works to protect, enhance, and live with the natural wonders in the Skagit Watersheds.

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  • Taylor Shellfish Annual Seed Sale
  • Taylor Shellfish Annual Seed Sale
  • DASSH Winners, Children's catergory
  • DASSH Winners, Adult category
  • Skagit Watershed Letterbox Trail
  • Watershed Art and Discovery Day
  • Skagit Watershed Letterbox Mini Trail