Skagit Watershed Leterbox Trail 2019


Letterboxing is a fun, exciting way for kids of all ages to explore the natural world and to learn about the Skagit Watersheds.

Follow the clues to find the watershed-themed letterboxes the 5th grade students from Bayview Elementary School have created and hidden along the Upland Trail at the Padilla Bay National Estuarine Reserve.

All you need is a stamp (or a pen/pencil), a clue sheet, journal, outdoor attire and a sense of adventure!

Once you find a letterbox, carefully review the contents, trying not to reveal the secret hiding place. Use the stamp in the letterbox to record your find in your personal journal and clue sheet (don’t worry you can stamp over the lines!). Place your personal stamp in the letterbox logbook, or sign in and leave a note! Hide the letterbox back where you found it. Take care of the letterboxes , you want the next hunter to have as much fun trying to find the letterbox as you did!

Turn in your Clue Sheet with at least 10 of 16 letterboxes found by October 6 to enter to win one of the awesome raffle prizes! Turn in your Clue Sheets @ Padilla Bay Research Reserve front desk or mail to  SCEA, 10441 Bayview-Edison Road Mount Vernon, WA 98273.

Log your Letterbox discoveries at or (Trail name: 2019 Skagit Watershed Trail)