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“I believe that the potential synergy and effectiveness of a network is one of the best ways to address common concerns. The Skagit ECO Net is an opportunity to give organizations that already work together a difference framework for planning and cooperation.”

                                   -Member about the benefits of the ECO Net


ECO Net stands for Education, Communication, and Outreach Network. It is a community of professionals committed to working collaboratively to protect and enhance the health and vitality of the Puget Sound region. The Skagit Watershed Council provides funding and program support to this network. SCEA hosts the coordinator position for the Skagit ECO Net in partnership with many other dedicated Skagit County based programs and organizations .


The Skagit ECO Network is a community of environmental, conservation and stewardship educators and professionals who encourage education, communication and outreach through connections and collaboration. Our focus is on empowering people to help protect and heal the Skagit County Watersheds and the Salish Sea.


We are one of twelve ECO Net chapters across the Puget Sound region. We hold member meetings several times each year. Members can also take advantage of regional resources including: funding, research, community events and a comprehensive vision for restoring Puget Sound.



If you can answer “yes” to the following questions, you should definitely join the Skagit ECO Net!

1. Are you an education, communications, or outreach professional working or volunteering in one of the twelve counties in the Puget Sound region?

2. Are you, or your organization, committed to working collaboratively to help improve environmental and community health in the Puget Sound region?

3. Are you willing to help advance a comprehensive vision and priority actions to protect and enhance the health and vitality of the Puget Sound?


The Skagit ECO Net exists so members can be more effective in engaging the public around a wide range of issues contributing to a healthy Skagit and Puget Sound region. There is no cost to be a member of the Skagit ECO Net. Choose your level of involvement from observer to leader, there is a place in the Skagit ECO Net for you and your skills.


Strengthening and developing partnerships, both locally and across the region. Sharing your knowledge, skills, and experience with others, making new friends and having fun!

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Become part of a collaborative, multi-disciplinary community bound together by a vested interest in protecting and enhancing the health and vitality of the Puget Sound Region.

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Skagit Conservation Education Alliance and SKAGIT ECO NET
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The Skagit River originates in Canada and flows south and west for 160 miles through the North Cascade Range. It drains 3,130 square miles of watershed and is the third largest river on the West Coast of the contiguous United States. It provides about 20 percent of the fresh water flowing into Puget Sound, or nearly 10 billion gallons a day. The Skagit is the only river system in Washington which supports all five species of pacific salmon. The Skagit contains some of the largest and healthiest wild Chinook salmon runs in Puget Sound and the largest pink salmon stock in Washington. Who is responsible for preserving these treasures for future generations? We are!